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Saturday, April 19, 2014

One leg rowers - Inle Lake adventure.

One of the most picturesque spots in all of Southeast Asia, Myanmar's Inle Lake is fringed with reed beds and bamboo stilt houses, surrounded by the lush Shan hills, and home to the Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary. But tourists also come here in droves to watch the lake's famous, leg-rowing fishermen at work. 

With an acrobat's agility, an Intha fisherman stands upright with one leg locked around a long oar and the other foot firmly gripping the flat stern of his boat as he sculls along one of Inle Lake’s channels.

Today, some 100,000 Intha live and work on the water, building houses on stilts driven into the lake bed. Some seek Inle’s fish in slender boats using conical-shaped nets, while others tend their vegetable gardens.

A short venture from the Inle Lake resort will reveal a few other adaptive variants on the area’s serene Venetian vibe: entire villages exist on stilts above the lake, the residents shop by boat at large flotilla markets and the local produce is grown on floating gardens woven from dredged-up reed and silt. After touring the lake it might be worth taking your gondola a little further through this unusual and wonderfully picturesque part of Burma. 

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Volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote Island.

This is the place where you can explore spectacular volcanic landscapes, which seem to come from distant plasnets. Situated just 79 miles off the coast of Africa, Lanzarote is the most easterly of the Canary Islands. The island is 60km long and 20 km wide, making it the fourth largest island in the Canaries. As with the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote is Volcanic in origin. Due to the recent eruptions during the 18th and 19th Centuries, many parts of Lanzarote appear to be from another world, often described as 'lunar' or 'Martian'. 

This island has a stark beauty. The volcanic moonscape is most vivid in the island’s centre, while to the north there’s a gentle greenness. The south is home to the best beaches, while throughout the island César Manrique demonstrates how man can work with nature with extraordinary results.

 From as early as March to late September the"Los Alisios" trade winds   blow from the North East providing consitent windsurfing conditions ideal for all levels of windsurfers. In Autumn and Winter the wind patterns change and the wind is less frequent but as the wind statistics testify there are still plenty of days to get out on the water. Lanzarote and especially the Costa Teguise zone have great conditions for windsurfing. Pleasant temperatures, frequent trade winds, good facilities and several specialised schools along the coast can help to take one's first steps or broaden one's knowledge of this spectacular sport.

Many of the island’s more interesting places and buildings were created by the painter, sculptor, architect and artist, César Manrique , a native of Lanzarote. Other places are also of amazing beauty.

Lanzarote is a real gem. It's worth visiting.

   A fantastically fun way of exploring Lanzarote is the ride an a camel. You will be helped into a wooden seat which is attached to the camel and guided around by handlers who will make sure passengers are equally balanced by small sandbags.

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